MLS Membership Dues and Fees

MLS Membership eligibility consists of a valid CA Real Estate Brokers or Appraisers License or Sales License or Appraiser Trainee License under a participating broker or appraiser. In order for an agent to be a member, their broker must also be a MLS member. Dues are collected from the brokers or appraisers for all of their office members.

Fees include current quarterly dues and an initiation fee. Please see Dues and Fee Chart. Billing is handled quarterly, billed by the 1st of March, June, September, and December late after 30 days. Dues is prorated for new joining members. If you want to terminate your MLS Membership, please consider our “HOLD” option prior to cancellation. Having a two year hold option on file can save initiation fees when rejoining.

MLS Dues:
MLS Initiation Fee $500 Agents or $1000 Brokers
FlexMLS Quarterly Dues $180

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