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Common Courtesy Guide


Always call first for an appointment unless the MLS indicates “Go and Show”.  If you are previewing the property without a client, so advise the listing agent/office.

Follow all showing instructions; phone to cancel an appointment if you can’t keep it.

Knock on doors before entering, and announce yourself upon entering.

ALWAYS leave your card, unless instructed otherwise by the listing agent or office.

Check all doors and relock the ones you have unlocked.   If you arrive to find a door unlocked, and the listing office did not advise you it would be unlocked, lock it when you are done or check with the listing office before leaving.

Close any drapes or blinds that you have opened.

Turn off any lights or appliances that you have turned on.

Be punctual.  Call the listing office if you are running early or late.

If you arrive at a property, and your clients decide that they don’t want to go in, please explain to them that sellers often go to a lot of trouble to get the property ready.   If they still don’t want to go in, excuse yourself, go in and explain the situation to the owners if they are present.   If the owners are not present, leave your card, and call the listing agent as soon as possible to explain the “no show”.

Make sure that occupant’s pets do not get in or out of the house, garage, or outbuildings.  Make sure that no agent or client’s pets enter the house, garage, or outbuildings.

Do not use, or allow your clients to use, the phone or bathroom without permission.  If the bathroom is used in an “emergency” ensure that it is cleaned up before leaving.

Use sidewalks and try not to walk on flower beds or landscaping.

Report anything suspicious to the listing agent/office immediately.

Keep client’s children under control.

Wipe your feet before entering, and remove your shoes, if requested.

Show courtesy and respect for the owners (if present), and thank them.

Return any borrowed keys promptly.



Leave anything other than your business card.

Place Open House signs without the property owner’s permission.

Take photos or allow your client to take photos without permission.

Smoke or allow clients to smoke.

Take food or drink or pick fruit from trees or vegetables from the garden.

Park on the lawn or garden; the leach field may be there.

Let your clients or their children roam around unsupervised.