Multiple Listing Service

Shortly after the Coastal Mendocino Association of REALTORS® (CMAR) was established in 1978, a local Cooperative Listing Service was created, which was changed to an Information Distribution Service and finally a Multiple Listing Service in 1982. The CMAR MLS currently utilizes the Flexmls MLS System by FBS.

The service area for the CMAR MLS includes the following areas: Albion (95410), Boonville (95415), Branscomb (95417), Caspar (95420), Comptche (95427), Elk (95432), Fort Bragg (95437), Gualala (95445), Irish Beach (95459), Little River (95456), Manchester (95459), Mendocino (95460), Navarro (95463), Philo (95466), Point Arena (95468) and Westport (95488).

The CMAR MLS provides access to ParcelQuest, Realist Tax Services, and RPR – REALTORS® Property Resource (for Realtor® Members).  Participation in our tours is limited to CMAR MLS Participants and Subscribers.  Weekly tours occur on Wednesdays and alternate between Fort Bragg and Mendocino area.

CMAR MLS utilizes Supra iBox BT LE. The lockboxes can be leased from the CMAR MLS for $100 plus tax. The MLS Administrator / Association Executive can issue eKeys for use with the lockboxes. The fees vary depending upon when issued and the number of users. Please contact the CMAR office for additional information.

CMAR Tour Guidelines

Additional information, including rates and applications, can be found on the “Join” page.


MLS Contact Information

CMAR MLS Customer Service and Tech Support – 707-964-7008 or

Contact CMAR MLS with questions regarding your membership in the MLS, MLS Rules, and policies and procedures. If you want to add an additional field to the MLS database or make a change to the system, contact the CMAR MLS Administrator. Contact the CMAR MLS Administrator for information and authorization to obtain an IDX feed (the forms are also available in the MLS Intranet).

FlexMLS Customer Service and Tech Support

FlexMLS Platform and Login

Spark API

FBS Products (Websites for Brokers and Agents)


FlexMLS Support     888-525-4747     FlexMLS Help Topics

FlexMLS Sales      701-235-7300

FlexMLS IDX Support     888-525-4747

FlexMLS IDX Sales     866-320-9977


Third Party Contacts


Parcel Quest       888-217-8999

Realist – Contact CMAR MLS