Reciprocal Listings

Reciprocal Agreements

CMAR MLS operates under the C.A.R. Master Reciprocal Agreement (MRA). In order to exercise the agreement, you must must be a member of a MLS/Association also taking part in the C.A.R. Master Reciprocal Agreement.

The C.A.R. Master Reciprocal Agreement operates with different levels of service. CMAR MLS has elected Level 1 Service. Broker Participants and R.E. Subscribers (though their Broker Participants) of MLS also electing Level 1 access are eligible to submit listings to CMAR MLS in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Higher Level signatories may also participate, but will only receive Level 1 service.


Reciprocal Participation Fee $100.00* / Listing / Year
Lockbox Usage Per 12 Month Per Listing $100.00+ tax / Year
Lockbox Placement Fee $100.00
Lockbox eKey Not Available

* The reciprocal participation fee allows 3 modifications to a listing without charge. For the next 3 modifications there will be fee assessed of $5.00 each. Any additional changes will be charged at $10.00 per change.

* If a listing is not maintained (including extensions) it will be considered a new listing and the $100.00 fee will apply to relist.


Reciprocal Listing Directions

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